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Belleair Shore where exclusivity meets the sand

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Photo Credit: Jacob Pierce

Well, I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there; I'll tell you about the town of Belleair Shore. (Ok, admit it, you sang it a little in your head, didn't you?)

Belleair Shore is no ordinary Florida coastal beach town. Oh no, this is the home of peace and tranquility with the air of good fortune. You can almost smell the affluence. There is no mistake Belleair Shore is expensive and exclusive, named among Zillow's "million-dollar cities on the rise."

Everything about Belleair Shore is a little bit higher end. Bordered to the North by Belleair Beach and to the South by vibrant Indian Rocks Beach, Belleair Shore is surrounded by activity; yet, remains completely quiet and peaceful in its own beach bliss.

Belleair Shore is a residential beach town of opulence, developed with an intentional low impact on the land. The beaches are insanely pristine, and the people are very friendly. They are, after all, beach people, and beach people have their own chill attitude.

Living in Belleair Shore is reserved for the lucky few. There are only 57 properties, and finding a property for sale is a mission. After all, who would want to leave Belleair Shore and join the ordinary world? Most properties never see the market and are passed down through the generations, and others sell as pocket listings.

Currently, there are no homes available in Belleair Shore. In the last year, only three sales occurred, ranging from $3.6 Million for a beachfront 1950s coastal bungalow to $5 Million for a 1990s beachfront 6,000 sqft., contemporary style home.

We love Belleair Shore because it's everything an exclusive beach town should be and then some. Wouldn't it be fun to see a view inside the world of the Belleair Shore? Hey, Bravo, we need the Housewives of Belleair or the Million Dollar Listing Tampa Bay. We want to go inside the homes and lives of these exclusive bay area residences. Getting a glimpse of the good life can be a challenge but don't let that stop you from seeing this rarefied piece of beach paradise. The beach trolly doesn't stop in Belleair Shore. It's just the way the residents want it — exclusive.

Public beach access is limited (the private property lines extend westward to the mean high tide line). For those willing to walk from the public beach access point in Bellaire Beach, a glimpse of the golden sands of Belleair Shore is attainable.

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