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What to Post on your Social Media as a Real Estate Agent

Your social media platforms are a space for you to brand you and your business. The information you share gives you identity and allows others to see who you are and what your business is. Utilizing these platforms in the right way can be very beneficial for your business - allowing you to build connections, clients, and a space to showcase you. These ideas are just the base. Be creative, be yourself, post regularly, and engage back with your followers and following.

Attract Your Buyers and Promote Your Listings

  • Share your “listing of the week” to highlight properties and generate engagement

  • Link to the listing search function

  • Integrate MLS search so buyers can click through listings to your website

  • Let buyers know when you will be hosting open houses / going live

  • Highlight price reductions

Show Sellers How You Can Help Them Find the Best Offers

  • Share market reports

  • When you help a seller close - create a post to congratulate them

  • Promote your best home prep content to help sellers clean, organize, and stage their homes (graphics, tips, blog - Pinterest!)

  • Bookmark and share helpful links that you find online that can better help sellers

  • Link to your sold listings page

  • Create SOLD posts for your social platforms

Promote Local / Neighborhood Content

  • Connect buyers with your neighborhood so they feel more comfortable with the surrounding area of their new home

  • Share event information in your local area (bonus points if you attend and share)

  • Highlight your favorite (the locals best) local businesses: where to dine, shop, attractions, beaches, parks etc.

  • Neighborhood traditions

  • Share local charities / organizations that you are apart of / want to spread more awareness for

Seasonal Posts

  • Celebrate the holidays with your virtual following - by wishing them a happy celebration for each holiday

  • Collaborating with a local business for a holiday event - share, share, share!

  • Share local holiday event pages

Make It Personal - We are Humans!

  • Share a funny real estate story

  • Share your personal behind the scenes

  • About you | Your family | Pets | What do you like to do with your free time

  • Post photos from events you attend / holiday parties / networking meetings etc.

  • Posting real estate tips

  • Share motivational quotes, sayings, videos, your own personal slogan

  • Your open house / closing ideas


  • Create polls for engagement on your social media

  • Home Improvement Tips

  • Staging Tips

  • DIY Projects - Pinterest sharing

  • Home inspiration

  • Decor ideas

  • Low budget ideas

  • Link to the latest real estate news / trends

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