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Five Things We Love About Dunedin.

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Photo credit: Jacob Pierce

Get your Green on in Dunedin, Florida. This small welcoming waterfront community will delight even the most seasoned travelers. Dunedin has its own vibe — a bit beachy with an artsy twist. The main street is called (no surprise) Main Street, and that's where the action is. Adorable and filled with creativity, Main Street is almost too cute to be real — but it is. The street is lined with delectable restaurants, craft breweries, and unique retail shops offering one-of-a-kind artists' works. You will find the waterfront at the end of Main Street and the perfect place to watch sunsets. For an extra beachy bonus, Dunedin is home to Honeymoon Island and the gateway to Caladesi Island. For the sports fan, TD Ballpark is home to Spring training for the Blue Jays.

Photo Credit: Stacey Pack

#1. Dunedin is Green and Clean.

This vibrant and active community has a social consciousness that promotes physical and mental health for all and promotes sustainable green living throughout the year. The Dunedin Downtown market and the Dunedin Community Garden provide healthy and delicious treats for the community. Always thinking about conservation, the city of Dunedin offers its residents free rain barrels to preserve our most precious resources. Dunedin has a community-wide compost program called "Dunedin Does Compost," which provides education and compost bins to residents.

Photo Credit: Stacey Pack

#2. Dunedin Loves Dogs.

Dunedin is one of the most pet-friendly places in the Tampa Bay area DOGEDIN is an extension of its welcoming nature. Dogs are welcome to a lot of the outdoor restaurants; they will bring your furry friend a water bowl and biscuit as an added treat. Many shops and venues are also dog friendly. Dunedin even has a dog beach on the way to Honeymoon Island for your furry family members to splash in the surf.

Photo Credit: Stacey Pack

#3. It’s a fitness town.

Getting active in Dunedin.

No Suprise The Dunedin Community Center is a Green Building. They walk the talk around here. The community center is home to the Dunedin Fitness Center, where the community comes together to get fit. Dunedin has a great way of combining fun and fitness. The Stirling Skate park in Dunedin is a great way to get active and catch some air. Designed by "Team Pain " in 2007, this 10,000 square foot flow course is a blast for all ages. The outdoor fitness course is designed for all to enjoy while taking in this fabulous Florida weather. Dunedin is a golf cart-friendly community. So, Get into the swing of Dunedin with a day at the golf range or enjoy a full day on the links at The Dunedin Golf Club. Walk or bike the Pinellas trail or head over to honeymoon island to dip in the surf and take a stroll on the sand.

Photo Credit: Stacey Pack

#4. It’s a small town.

Dunedin's population, according to the 2019 census, is 36,381. Those lucky residents enjoy a beautiful quality of life. This quiet small town takes pride in its Green and clean living.

Aside from Main Street, Dunedin has a good variety of independent restaurants and unique retail worth exploring. Living in Dunedin offers a blend of older established homes, condominiums, and new modern green builds throughout the community. It's also home to some of the best waterfront views in the bay area and Honeymoon Island.

Photo Credit: Stacey Pack

#5 This City loves a good beer.

The city name came from Edinburgh, Scotland, and the Scots would be proud of the incredible selection of award-winning microbreweries in the Dunedin area. A few notable experiences in the microbrewing world you must explore in Dunedin:Caledonia Brewing is housed in the former Dunedin Times Building. Built in 1925, the structure has been masterfully repurposed and is a delight to those that appreciate old architecture and fine brews that focus primarily on organic and natural ingredients. To combine your love of fitness and fine brews, walk the Pinellas trail and stop into HOB, known as one of America's Top 100 Beer Bars, known for its outstanding live music and cold brews. Keep those good vibes going and walk over to Cueni Brewing for an award-winning Monkey Skull Porter. Now you are ready for the prohibition experience: get over to Soggy Bottom Brewery for a toasted coconut porter and a taste of nostalgia to end your night.

After spending some time in Dunedin, you will want to stay forever and lap up this green and clean Florida waterfront lifestyle. Search for properties now.

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