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Real Estate Photography Tips

With houses going on and off the market daily, real estate photography is always in demand. Every agent is battling for the homebuyer’s attention with the best looking real estate photos. Hiring the right photographer is best for your marketing but if you are taking your own photos here are some professional tips.


Having a clean, open-spaced home is one of the most important real estate photography tips. Having the homeowners keep surfaces as clean as possible - taking items off of countertops, coffee tables, desks, etc. A closet is a great space to store clutter during photo taking.

Choose the Right Time

Choosing the right time is very important for real estate photographers. Planning your photoshoot during the daytime will bring you natural lighting, brightening the colors in your photos. (outdoor sunset pictures are a bonus too)

Open Blinds / Windows | Turn the Lights On

Natural light is the best option and makes your photos look more realistic - allowing the clients to see how the house actually looks. Using reflectors will help to highlight the detail in wood, textile elements, and furniture. | Turning the lights on will give the space a warm/cozy feeling

Using a Tripod Having sharp and focused photos will draw more clientele in to see the home. Blurry photos do not do the home justice or make the home stand out. Having a tripod will allow you to achieve the full sharpness of your photo quality - giving you a steady “hand”.

Use Props / Stage

Stage flowers or a bowl of fruit on countertops, tables, etc. These props add life and style to the room/photos. Having the same color: all red apples, all red flowers - will make the photo more organized and not take away from the home.

Edit / Retouch Color Settings

This can be done on an iPhone, or any editing software if using a camera. Fixing the brightness, highlights, shadows, contrast, etc. will give your photos more life and a natural look. Adding presets (not just a filter) will help to soften out these touches as well. Outsourcing editing to make the photos final if you take your own photographs is always an option to add the last touch. (Tip: there are a lot of free presets available to download on cell phones/laptops for real estate)

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