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Treasure Island Drum Circle

The sunset Treasure Island Drum Circle is a community event that has been a tradition for many years! Every Sunday evening, about an hour before sunset -around 10 pm, the beach comes alive with people join in a circle to create a local phenomenon.

In this circle, you’ll hear bongos, drums, singing bowls, see people dancing, observe children playing happily within the group and watch hula hooper’s sway to the beat of the drums. While the sun is setting over the ocean, take a swim in the ocean then dance in the sand. This ongoing weekly drum circle, or sacred circle of sound, is open to all. Everyone is welcome whether you make music, dance, hula hoop, or just listen.

How to get there:

From St Pete Beach, FL drive north along the Gulf Blvd. following the signs for Treasure Island. Park in the beach car park opposite Publix and follow the beats onto the beach.

Take the bus. The beach trolley runs from Pass-A-Grille to Clearwater. Hop on the one going towards Clearwater and get off opposite Publix.

What is a “Drum Circle”

If you have never experienced a drum circle, you should! It is a celebration of life, community, and music. People sit in a circle while playing drums and other hand percussions, all while joining in to create an amazing group rhythm. Many believe that they are an effective tool for relieving stress as well as health & wellness. The circle is a fun, exciting, and powerful way to bring people together through music.


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