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The rumor that kick-started Treasure Island.

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Photo credit: Jacob Pierce

Treasure Island is a small slice of what makes up the Pinellas County gulf beaches on Florida's gulf coast. Treasure Island is a vibrant beach community with a flavor all its own and with a wild and colorful history. The original inhabitants of Treasure Island were peaceful indigenous peoples in 300 AD. The peace ended when the pirates arrived in the 1700s. The American Indian population scattered, leaving the island in the grips of pirates who pillaged the area. The pirates left their lasting mark on the island, and to this day, pirate stories remain part of the island's heritage.

Flash forward to 1908 when the state of Florida sold Treasure Island for $1.25 per acre — it seems like a steal for the times (back in 1908, the average home cost $2,000).

The developers that purchased the island paradise didn't miss a trick and started a brilliant rumor that treasure was found on the beach, driving interest in the area and spurring on the development. It worked, and the Treasure Island we know and love today was on its way in 1915.

Treasure island has the retro flare you would expect in an old Florida beach town. The classic Thunderbird Hotel sign is darn near iconic. Beaches and boats are the way of life for the lucky residents of Treasure Island. Treasure Island is a boater's delight, offering three public boat ramps and the Treasure Island Marina, which offers affordable long-term rentals. The island's active and engaging community always has something going on, from Jazzercise classes to keep you moving to drum circles to give you the beat to free your soul.

Treasure Island hosts many yearly activities, including the ESPN Gasparilla Bowl Beach Invasion, kite festivals that bring out the kid in all of us, and the holiday boat parade. Treasure Island is also home to the Sanding Ovations, a sand sculpting competition that brings together the community every year. This celebration of art and beach includes live music and a local craft fair offering a great selection of one-of-a-kind treasures. Arts, culture, and good beach vibes — what more could you want in a tropical paradise?

And oh yeah, Treasure Island is affordable! Search listings now.

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